Point Five® windows and doors is a true custom window and door manufacturer offering the finest materials and workmanship for your fenestration needs. Our design flexibility is simply unmatched in the industry - virtually any shape, any size, or any design is possible. Doors can be bent, shaped, pocketed, screened or motorized.

Point Five is all about customization. The most unique product we made was motorized corner lift and slide doors. Coming together in a corner unit setting was a unique challenge, but in the end, these doors worked out seamlessly and operate with no effort on the part of the customer! Motorized windows and doors are fast becoming a desired feature. Point Five is also well known for large scale units. In fact, the largest door produced was a lift and slide door measuring 47 feet wide, with panels 7-1/2 feet wide and 9 feet tall.

Whether it's a pivot, lift and slide, or an 18-foot high entrance door, Point Five has the ability and experience to make it happen. The photos in the slideshow and the list below are just some of Point Five's door capabilities.

Door Types

  • Outswing door
  • Inswing door
  • Bi-fold door
  • Lift and slide door
  • Pivot door