What really makes your windows and doors unique are the options you choose. Being that Point Five® is all about customization, you can expect that the options you choose can be custom made for you as well.



Beautiful hardware accentuates the look and feel of your windows and doors, and there are many options available to you. Point Five products are compatible with the following hardware brands.

  • Nobilus
  • Ironmonger
  • Baltica
  • Rocky Mountain Hardware
  • Bouvet
  • PE Guerin
  • Sun Valley Bronze
  • Other brands may be used, ask for details


Any type of glass is available through Point Five. Whether you are looking for the most energy efficient glass, the highest performing glass, or just the most decorative, your options are nearly endless.

Some of the most common glass choices are:

  • Dual-glazed, insulating glass with a LoE coating for maximum energy savings
  • Laminated glass, which is often used in larger units for safety purposes
  • Impact glass for regions where high winds are of concern
  • Decorative glass is often used to make your project truly unique
Divided Lites

Divided Lites

True Divided Lites

There is nothing more authentic than true divided lites. Each pane of glass is individually glazed with true craftsmanship. The result is a unit with fine detail lines that are reminiscent of historic, hand-crafted windows. Virtually any design is available.

Simulated Divided Lites

Provides the look of historic true divided lites, but offers greater energy efficiency. Simulated divided lites are adhered to both the interior and exterior pane of insulating glass and offers design flexibility.

Applied Corners

Applied Corners

Give your windows and doors that Old World feel with applied corners. Motifs of your choice are hand pressed into the corners of window or door sash. Together with your choice of a Point Five exterior patina, you will have a look that is even more sophisticated than you imagined.