Point Five® windows and doors is a true custom window and door manufacturer offering the finest materials and workmanship for your fenestration needs. Our design flexibility is simply unmatched in the industry - virtually any shape, any size, or any design is possible. Windows can be bent, shaped and motorized.

Point Five is well known for large scale units. In fact, the largest window produced was just over 17 feet wide and 9-1/2 feet tall with a single piece of glass. Windows can be tailored to any architectural style or application, including European influence or historic renovation for luxury residential or commercial projects.

The photos in the slideshow and the list below are just some of Point Five’s window capabilities.

Window Types

  • inswing, outswing or push-out casement
  • tilt-turn
  • awning
  • hopper
  • single, double or triple hung
  • fixed sash
  • direct set